BitBook is NimbleBit's mock of Facebook. BitBook can also be found in NimbleBit's Tiny Tower, and Tiny Tower Vegas. In BitBook, your airplane pilots and passengers write messages usually relevant to an action you just did, like building a new airport or sending out a new job.

Things they react to:

  • Building a new airport
  • An airport being closed
  • Sending out a new job
  • Many things in flight to do with: cargo, fellow passengers, staff, etc...
  • Arriving at a destination

You can also retweet a message of something someone posted to Twitter. Sometimes the post someone makes has a Twitter hashtag (#) which is "#Flightxxxxx",with the Xs being the name of the plane they are on. Other people (sometimes referred to as "Bitizens") can like a post, similar to Facebook. Sometimes, if multiple Posts are created at the same time, the post will be repeated, although this is not intended. (See the picture at top of page)

There are a lot of posts, here are examples:

Just flew into [City], boy are my arms tired! (When reaching a destination after a long flight)

In the bathroom at the [City] airport and all the lights just went out... (When closing an airport)

Why can't I hold all these [Cargo]? (Only on M-class aircraft)

Finally found an airline that would let me ship my [Cargo]! #Dontleavehomewithoutem (Delivering cargo)

These new [Plane] have a smooth ride. (Flying in a plane)

Talk about a fast flight, I think my teeth are still in [City where plane departed]! (Reaching destination quickly)

Filled up the mypad with episodes of CSI:[City] for the flight to [City 2] (Flying in a plane)

Apparently the monster on our wing is headed to [City] too! #FlightXXXXX (Flying in a plane)

Stranded on the runway, and the only thing to entertain myself are these [Cargo] I found under my seat. (Only on M-class aircraft)

Taking off after rushing to the [City] Airport, has anyone seen Kevin? (Flying in a plane)

Anyone going to claim this box of [cargo] sitting in [City where plane departed]? #FindersKeepers

I'm at [City] Airport with 2 (or 3) others @Twosquare.

The weather in [City] couldn't be more different than in [City 2] (Just after landing)

Just discovered this new band called [Flight time] to [City]. They're gonna be huge! (Flying in a plane)

These pretzels are making me thirsty. (Flying in a plane)

I think our pilot missed [City] so we had to make a U-Turn. (Flying in a plane)

[Flight Time] until we land in [City]. I literally cannot wait. Where is the drink cart? 

The in-flight movie was "The good, the bad, and the [Cargo]". (This can end in 2 ways: either "It was... interesting" or "Seriously?"

Are we there yet? #FlightXXXXX (Flying in a plane)

On the plane to [City] and the stewardess just asked if anyone knows how to fly a [Plane]!

On my way to [City] for neither business nor pleasure.

Our pilot just came back here to watch the in-flight movie with us. Who is flying the plane??!! (Flying in a plane)

Is [City] near the water? I'm not comfortable near water since the seal attack.

Anyone have a spare MyPhone charger I can borrow? (Flying in a plane)

Last minute flight to [City], they said they could squezee me on if i held a box of [Cargo] in my lap.


The new airport here in [Where airport was recently built] has doubled the length of my commute.

They blocked BitTube access on the in-flight Wi-fi :(. What am I supposed to do for [Flight Time] minutes?

I wonder if our airspeed is faster than that of an unladen swallow? #FlightXXXXX

Full price for [Cargo]?! That dog won't hunt, monsignor.

I need a self-sealing bolt for a [Plane] wing. Immediately please! (Flying in a plane)

Person next to me keeps taking their phone out to "restock their floors" or something. #weird (Tiny Tower Reference)

They just announced our [Plane] will be flown by Otto pilot, today. #FlightXXXXX (Ref to autopilot)

Darn kid next to me wouldn't stop showing me Gun Runner on his MyPhone the entire [Flight Time] flight to [City].

I have [Flight Time] to kill on this flight. Any suggestions? (Flying in a plane)

I can see my house from up here! #FlightXXXXX

I need to learn a new language in [Flight Time] before I get to [City]...

I hope the weather is nice in [City]! (Flying in a plane)

First time I've flown in a [Plane], very luxurious flight so far! #FlightXXXXX

Oh my god, wow we're flying! I'm, I'm sitting in a chair in the sky! (When flying in a plane)

Finally landed in [City] after a [flight time] flight, so ready to get off this plane!

This [Plane] is surprisingly spacious, lots of legroom!

Follow this link to get free [Cargo]!

One small step for man, one long flight to [City]. (Flying in a plane)

So bored that I'm watching a documentary called "The [Cargo Item] of [Destination]" :( (Flying in a plane, only in M aircraft)

I can't believe I'm dragged on this family vacation to [City] :( (Flying in a plane)

OMG I was totally saying how much [City] needed an airport the other day! (Just after building a new airport)

Hmm, now that there is an airport in [City where the new airport is] maybe I will start flying to work. (When building a new airport)

Stopping at the airport gift shop in [City] to pick up some [Cargo Item] for my kids!

They allow you to carry-on [Cargo] in [City], sweet!

Can't wait until the renovations at the [City] Airport are finished. (Upgrading an airport)

The guy sitting next to me says he plays for the [City] [Cargo]. What sport is that? (Flying in a plane)

YESSS! Just found out there is going to be a bun palace at the new [Airport]! (When building a new airport)

Just arrived at the [City] airport with my bags packed, to find it's been closed (When closing an airport)

Who closes an airport when there is still people in it? Looking at you, [City] (When closing an airport)

Everyone, who is going to [City]?. #visit[City] (When advertising an airport)

Next stop: [City]! (When flying)

You can order a package of [Cargo] from [City] and receive it in [City] in [Flight Time] #LivingTheFuture

Remember when the Bun Palace in (Airport) was the best place to eat? (When closing an airport)

Bumpy landing, does this [Plane] even have landing gear? (Just after landing)

They've received so many shipments of [Cargo], they're stacking them up in the parking lot!

Do we have to turn off our [Cargo] during takeoff and landing?

Saw a new TV show on my flight called "When [Cargo] Strike Back!". (Ends in 2 ways, It was.... interesting or Seriously?)

And that's why you always leave a note.

Pretty bumpy landing, I think I left my seat there for a second! #FlightXXXXX

Read "[Cargo] Monthly" on my flight back, they have a magazine for everything!

They moved around everything in the [City] airport, no idea where my gate is! (Upgrading an airport)

Flying a plane is no different than riding a bicycle, just a lot harder to put [Cargo] in the spokes.

Woah! A giant plane just flew straight over my house in [City]! (Building a new airport)

Lost the catalog I found on the plane, I was all ready to order the [Cargo]!

I just became mayor of [City] airport on @TwoSquare!

Any of you boys seen an aircraft carrier around here?

Smell ya later [City]! (When flying)

Isn't flight [XXXX] that one that crashed on that island on TV?


At least all BitBook posts will be posted.