• Secorona972


    November 12, 2019 by Secorona972

    Hello, guys, I’m afraid to say that this giveaway is cancelled. Next up are my problems:

    So there is this thing which says “you cannot add any comments here” on my screen. I just enabled commenting, but it’s no use anymore.

    I’ve actually found some uses for these planes. I am gonna need these planes for a lot in the future.

    I am sending 3 of my planes to my new session on iPad from my iPhone (with 2 more scheduled to be crafted) and I’m gonna have 2 of the on my iPhone for Eurasia and America separately.

    This wiki doesn’t seem to be much active. Heck, I only barged in and went into an editing rampage (no vandalism) and counted the wiki as active. I just see the comments and they seem to be lively. Anyways, this giveaway would’ve gone better if…

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  • CJAviation

    I am looking for a Concorde engine so I have all the parts required to build a Concorde.

    I am willing to trade both a Concorde body and some Concorde controls in exchange for a Concorde engine.

    If yes, please hit up my message wall. My friend code is 3CKL.

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  • JJboss135

    Wow, it's Been 3 Years?

    November 9, 2018 by JJboss135

    Wow, I never realized I was gone so long. Anywho, I still have Pocket Planes and every rare aircraft but 1... If you have a bobcat, message me! If you are starting up or are newer, I have a bunch of Planes I can give you - pearjets, Aeroeagles, Class 1 planes, mohawks, and Noki-B6s. Gift code is KWDM!

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  • CactorTheGasopod


    October 30, 2018 by CactorTheGasopod

    Should I save up for Chicago or buy all of the other minor cities like Charleston? I do need another Class 2-3 airport because I have a birchcraft and only 4 of class 2-3 airports, but more airports of a farther range = more profit in the long run.

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  • Odusthegreat

    Hi I am back from school. I am very busy so I cannot check the wikia every day. Anyways, today I am going to show you how to do your events good.

    This may be no important to some people who rely on the great results from TOUCHARCADE, but if you want to get good results either by yourself or be the first in TOUCHARCADE, keep watching.

    First, always advertise the city. It is important as it increases the jobs. Alternatively, upgrading nearby airports is a sustainable choice, but only available if you are rich.

    Second, find nearby airports that are at least Class 2 or up. They are the main sources of jobs. However, if there are no such airports available, build some small airports and use small planes. A good example is the Construction Project …

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  • Odusthegreat

    When there is an interaction between humans, lies and scams occur. Obviously, these actions are wrong and sometimes illegal. I noticed that there are quite a few trade scammers’ codes in the blacklist, and I am definitely sure that there is more of them. Therefore, this blog is dedicated to this issue ONLY.

    First, a disclaimer. I have NEVER been trade scammed by others, either in Pocket Planes or Pocket Trains (I used to have trades in the old website). I am just here to address the problem.

    Second, here is the real talk. Personally, I think that people are being scammed for 2 reasons: Either they do not pay attention to the blacklist, or they find non-trustworthy traders. I am going to talk about the latter. Traders have the responsibility …

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  • Odusthegreat

    The title explains. It is always on top of the leaderboard and therefore I am joining it.

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  • Odusthegreat

    I have talked about this in my posts before, but this will be more in depth of it.

    For 1 slot planes, Supergopher is obviously the best. The range and speed are perfect and way better than others. However, it is not practical to buy any 1 slot planes as it cannot earn much.

    For 2 slots planes, it depends. Navigators have a higher speed than Wallaby, but with less range. The profit of both planes are similar, therefore I cannot comment much on this.

    For 3 slots planes, do not buy Anan. It has a low range, making it non-transatlantic. Buying Airvans are good for starters as you can profit more, but they will soon be outdated. Mohawks are obviously the best, but it costs more and the X10 Mapple Pro is better. Equinox are good too, but the main p…

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  • Odusthegreat

    Jobs are what you profit. It is important that you choose the best jobs. Today, I am going to teach you how to choose jobs.

    First off, you will always want the 25% bonus. I suggest you to get as many jobs as you can based on the capacity of the plane. Say an Aeroeagle P with 3 jobs worth 600 coins each, 4 jobs worth 500 coins each and 2 jobs worth 400 jobs each. I will highly suggest getting all the 500 coins jobs and get 2 jobs of 600 coins. This is because you have a higher chance of filling your plane the quickest by choosing the majority of jobs. However, it is important to get the 2 600 coins jobs because this is to still give a chance to deliver these jobs in case a boom of jobs occurred. This is the most basic strategy to fill up you…

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  • Odusthegreat

    I restart my career on playing Pocket Planes one month ago, so combining my starting skills and my knowledge previously makes me clearly understand the importance of choosing the right planes.

    You are first equipped with a Bearclaw P, a Griffon C, a Wallaby P and a Navigator C, which are the planes you want to remove as soon as possible. You should notice that these planes have a very small range and are non-translantic. Therefore, you will need to choose planes that can cross the atlantic ocean easily. Though Supergopher's range is amazing, surpassing the X10 Mapple Pro, it can only carry one passenger or one cargo, therefore being not beneficial for your airline. The Anan Series is not good as well as you are not able to make transatlanti…

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  • Odusthegreat

    Hi. This time, I am going to share you some of my tips on expanding your airline. Airports are where planes land, and choosing airports wisely can make a huge difference. I am going to talk about some strategic airports and some best starting airports.

    There are quite a lot of strategic airports. The most useful, of course, are the airports that have at least one of the following properties: 1, good location; 2, Class 2 or up; 3, connects cities well or cities that make the most profit possible. I would highly recommend you to build Los Angeles and Tokyo for the future Class 3 long haul flights, build Honolulu for Class 2 planes. You can also build Sydney if you want to have the most profit, but requires to build Riyadh and Jakarta to conne…

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  • Odusthegreat

    There are a lot of places to choose to start. However, there are some pros and cons on each location. I am going to explain these to you.

    First, let's learn the starting locations and its airport:

    • South America: Recife, Fortaleza, Teresina
    • Europe: Berlin, Munich, Brussels
    • Oceania: Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide
    • Asia: Osaka, Sendai, Sapporo
    • Eastern America: Detroit, Ottawa, Montreal
    • Western America: Pheonix, San Diego, Las Vegas
    • Central America: Guatemala, Havana, San Jose
    • Africa: Nairobi, Zanzibar, Harare

    Now, I am going to analyse the locations one by one.

    For South America, To me, it is okay to start here. You have more access to Class 1 airports. However, there are quite a lot of disadvantages: The larger airports (Class 2 and 3) are not placed wel…

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  • CJAviation

    I’m just wondering, is it at all possible to transfer your airline data to a different device?

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  • Odusthegreat

    Fogbusters, one of the planes that are being listed as the worst of all planes. Most people said that they cannot profit due to a heavy weight and high speed. However, to me, I have a completely different opinion on this 8-slot plane.

    First, a 25% bonus is an essential to profit in the game. No planes can profit well without the 25% bonus. The Fogbuster, being one of the good examples. It cannot even profit with 5 jobs to the same destination. It is very important that players should strive to get the 25%. People said the Fogbuster is bad just because Fogbusters cannot profit while flying to random directions is an unfair judgement.

    Second, a special feature to Fogbuster (possibly to all planes) is that Fogbuster cannot profit well if you us…

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  • Noonelikesthisname

    Well then.

    June 9, 2018 by Noonelikesthisname

    Looks like no one sees this anymore.

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  • Yeti1234

    Fleet extension

    March 29, 2018 by Yeti1234

    Lufthansa is glad to announce that the bux exchange and the resulting fleet extension have been accomplished. The maximum possible fleet size has been raised from 33 to 54 through almost 1.6 billion coins or slightly over 56000 bux. Obtained over a year and all through hard work, this extension will strongly raise our capacity and we even introduced 2 new destinations: Hilo and Dhaka.

    Although the current fleet strength of 33 will remain until new financial resources have been released, we are already proud to welcome you aboard our new aircraft.


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  • Yeti1234

    This Airline strives to be a high quality and highly efficient global player with significant event customer impact.

    With multiple destinations on all continents we invite you to fly with us and enjoy high service in connection with fast travel. Fly our Concorde flagship service from Tokyo to Mexico City or multiple Jumbo-Jet destinations in the United States and Asia.

    We await your choice to fly with us, because for us it is non stop you.

    Late Night Transatlantic Connections.

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  • Belgiumball


    January 13, 2018 by Belgiumball

    Doing this to get the achievement.

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  • Noonelikesthisname


    January 10, 2018 by Noonelikesthisname


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  • Trader Rekt

    My Life...

    January 10, 2018 by Trader Rekt

    Now, I'm simply doing the blog to acquire achievement badges. Kind of short. 

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  • Kite512

    My Pocket Planes Journey

    December 28, 2017 by Kite512

    At this point, I'm just doing the blog to earn the achievement badge.  Can't think of anything substatial to post about, so maybe I'll make this a diary of sorts as I reach certain milestones or to keep a log of how I did during events.

    For starters, we just had the two Christmas Celebration events for 2017.  I managed to end both events in first place for my flight crew.  It helps to be off work for the month where I can devote time to just playing games.

    Currently we're on the Chengdu Embassy Dinner event, and I awoke this morning to find myself still in first.  I was expected to find that someone had surpassed me overnight while I was asleep, but there doesn't appear to be much activity at all during this event.  Maybe there was so much p…

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  • Trader Rekt

    I am ... BARNEY

    December 17, 2017 by Trader Rekt

    I am now Barney. 

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  • IISxghts
    1.                                                                                            BEG PROFUSELY
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  • Noonelikesthisname

    Most of these planes (except the UAV, Cloudliners and one part of the Blimp and Bobcat) have all been gained by trading with people. I take advantage of that. Here is my fleet as of posting this.

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  • Chel1715

    The Weekly Meow 22/11/17

    November 22, 2017 by Chel1715

    This is the second post. So, a lot happened in the week. I had a fight with my parents, my mum's left the family (we don't know where she went), and it's exams week. I just finished my religion exam, and think I passed it. My science exam on Monday was easy, and I got $50 for an A (my family has a thing where they give $50 for an A, and $40 for a B, and so on).

    Other than that, I just edited some galleries and reached 250 total edits. See you next week! WhiningWinnie 00:46, November 22, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Fancyeditor

    Hello everyone,

    First things first, its great to see The Weekly Meow in here. We were losing control before and it will be great to have some organisation! 

    Now to my problems

    Why are people using the wanted pages section to ask for aircraft parts? That is not the way this wiki operates, it is cloging up the wanted pages section and keen writers cant see what users really want in this wiki. My thoughts? Something needs to be done. For example: A threat of removal or block after 2 or 3 offences, deleted messages, loss of privilages and so on.

    Secondly I am going to create a page tommorow about aircraft paint. This page will inform users on some cool and stylish paint jobs to go with their new aircraft (for inspiration). I have already got desig…

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  • Chel1715

    The Weekly Meow

    November 15, 2017 by Chel1715

    This is my first actual post, and so I wanted it to be a news post. I'm now a Moderator. After reaching #1 on the leaderboard, and some discussion, JK promoted me. I can now rollback edits, edit the main page, monitor the chat, have my custom username colour and font, and more!

    This will be a weekly blog, so stay tuned for more!

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  • CJAviation

    Which one of the Class 3 planes will gain me the most profit?

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  • Famouslogos9098

    Plz go at and click on Connor. This is just quick, but this is off topic related. PLZ VOTE Connor.

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  • Famouslogos9098

    Twitter Revival

    October 22, 2017 by Famouslogos9098

    Plz, see for the revival of the twitter! If you are Legoaustin or JK, plz message me for your email for the Email and Password of this twitter (doing this to avoid being hacked)

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  • Famouslogos9098

    This is a test blog

    October 20, 2017 by Famouslogos9098

    This blog is used for proposal. That's all for the test!

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  • Famouslogos9098

    NOTE: All trading pages have been deleted excluding one, plz do trading here and do not delete. introduction:Hi and welcome to the proposal page for the Trading pages. Please look at the sections listed below.

    The Trading pages seem very off-topic to be at this moment. Many pages are created to trade stuff/giveaways (trading parts).

    I think those Trading pages should be deleted as they are off topic. The pages should only be about the game (Features, main page of the game, etc.)

    The pages about trading are deleted. Blogs should now have giveaways/trading.

    Now that you read the short proposal, will you...

    • SUPPORT!
      • Meaning that all trading pages will get deleted. The giveaway stuff will now be in Blog pages.
    • Netural, meh....
      • The pages will be kept b…

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  • Chel1715


    October 10, 2017 by Chel1715

    Hello. I joined this wiki to contribute to it. This isn't really a blog post, but it's fun.

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  • Brobraam

    Sea Knight: Help

    September 24, 2017 by Brobraam

    I am playing pocket planes for several weeks now,

    and i just can not find a Sea Knight Body. can someone help me?

    I would be grateful for that. my friend code is PQNB.

    Thank you in Advance

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  • Louiz2758

    Return of louis

    August 6, 2017 by Louiz2758

    Hi guys long time no see! For those of you who are new I used to be a active member on this page, I have all the rare planes and most stuff thanks to some great guys like SteelZoomBird, Avatarfighter and jsxtm. I've come back to see how the page is going and if anyone needs anything I'd be willing to trade

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  • Twdean13

    tips/help for beginner

    July 27, 2017 by Twdean13

    I've been playing pocket planes for about a month, and have progressed quickly. However, I have struggled to collect rare plane parts. I will gladly send anyone a Pearjet-M Control for some help. Thanks!

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  • Carlsonester

    I'm giving out full plane parts to help someone out especially beginners! Comment your gamecenter username!

    I'm currently level 35 with the following plane inventories:

    3 Cloudliners M (LA-Tokyo, LA-Seoul, LA-Beijing) My trunk routes, EXTREMELY HIGH DEMAND

    8 Cyclone M (5 North America to Asia routes, 2 Europe to Asia routes, 1 Asia to South America route) Transport between major hubs. NY, Istanbul, Paris, Xian, Bangkok, Rio, Lagos, Jakarta

    13 Sequoia M (Point-to-point routes) Everywhere

    1 C-130 Hercules (Point-to-point route) Everywhere

    2 Aeroeagle M (LA-NY) Transamerica route only

    1 Birchcraft M (LA-Honolulu) Hawaii route only

    3 Equinox M (Emergency layover planes) 

    1 Equinox P (Emergency layover plane)

    1 Equinox C (Emergency layover plane)

    5 X10 Map…

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  • Racerronnie

    Concord body

    May 10, 2017 by Racerronnie

    Hi everyone,

    I have been trying for a Concorde body for years. Can someone help me out?

    I have other planes I'd be willing to give.

    Thank you! Racerronnie

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  • RascoRox

    Birchcraft M- All parts

    Birchcraft P- Full plane

    Equinox P- Body x1, Controls x1, Engine x0

    It would be great if you could answer me asap if you are interested.

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  • Sgtspam

    Pearjets For trade

    February 1, 2017 by Sgtspam

    Hey Im level 16 and looking to trade some planes. My freind code is 10PY. Write a comment for your offer. Thanks.

    • Pearjet-M Full Plane
    • Pearjet-P Full Plane
    • Pearjet-C 1xBody 0xControls 0x Engine
    • Aeroeagle-P Full Plane
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  • BombasticFrigate

    Please do not create *pages* that do not contribute information to the wikia,such as trading pages,those can be made as blog posts.


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  • NoobyCakes


    January 1, 2017 by NoobyCakes

    yolo i dont know what to write

    i need x10 mapple pro body and engine 


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  • JK55556


    November 19, 2016 by JK55556


    I adopted this wiki not long ago, and I want this wiki to become a successful place. If you want to add any new features, go ahead and do it!

    Have a great time editing here!

    JK55556 (talk) 18:01, November 19, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Legoaustin11

    Yay!!! 1st Blog post!!

    November 18, 2016 by Legoaustin11
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  • Lovac13

    Don't bother checking my account details its all a bit outdated, might update it later. I am looking to trade for any rare parts you might have, in exchange I will offer anything from the market, cloudliners, UAVs, Nokis etc.

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  • Mahmoomiletata

    Ted Cruz was on my flight to Naples in a mime costume. I couldn't stop laughing for ten minutes XD

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  • JJboss135

    Avatarfighter's shop of wonders is open again, where you can get rare planes for sequoia and up (including fogbuster!) Buy class 3 planes from the PP in-game market or from a dealer such as JJboss135 or Zoombird1! Act now before it's too late!

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  • JJboss135

    Happy Valentiens Day

    February 13, 2016 by JJboss135

    If you have a girlfriend, good for you. If not I feel your pain. Fun Valentiens.

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  • JeffersonYu1

    This blog post has been transfered to a page:

    Click Here to go the the New Trading Post Location!

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  • JJboss135

    C-130. Part. Event.

    January 10, 2016 by JJboss135

    Enough Said.

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