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Planes are the sole means of transportation in Pocket Planes. They are responsible for carrying passengers and cargo from one airport to another. The aircraft in Pocket Planes are also used to deliver jobs, also known as flights, to Events.

A plane's weight also matches its capacity, for example, a Bearclaw weighs 1 ton for its 1 slot. There are some exceptions e.g. The Starship. This rule works most of the time though.


Planes come in three types:

  • Passenger
    • These planes carry passengers, and are suffixed with -P. For example, a Mohawk-P.
  • Cargo
    • These planes carry cargo, and are suffixed with -C. For example, a Mohawk-C.
  • Mixed
    • These planes carry both passengers and cargo, and are suffixed with -M. For example, a Mohawk-M.
    • The split between passengers and cargo is fixed and usually at about 50% each way. In some cases, seats outnumber cargo holds on mixed aircraft.

There are exceptions to this; some planes have only one variant, and therefore have no suffix added to their name. Rare planes (available only through events) generally only have 1 variant, most commonly M.

Due to their design, single seat/cargo hold planes are not available in mixed variants.


Like real aircraft, the planes in Pocket Planes also come in different classes according to the size, speed, and weight of the aircraft. Class 1 aircraft are the smallest, consisting solely of prop-driven aircraft (The exception being the Kringle Cruiser). Class 2 aircraft are a middle ground, with a few prop-driven aircraft and many jet powered planes. Class 3 aircraft are large work horses, meant to travel long distances and carry large amounts of cargo and people.

The class of a plane corresponds to an Airport's class

  • Class 1 aircraft are the smallest, and can land at any class of airport.
  • Class 2 aircraft can land at any class 2 or 3 airport.
  • Class 3 aircraft are the largest, and can land at class 3 airports only.

A general rule can be applied when it comes to where an aircraft can land. A plane can land at its corresponding class and higher. An aircraft cannot land at an airport with a class lower than its own.

List of Planes And Information

Series Parts Cost And Build Cost Plane Cost Class Level
Bearclaw 3Bux.png 14Bux.png 1 1
Navigator 3Bux.png 14Bux.png 1 1
Airvan 4Bux.png 23Bux.png 1 5
Mohawk 5Bux.png 25Bux.png 1 8
Griffon 3Bux.png 14Bux.png 1 1
Wallaby 3Bux.png 18Bux.png 1 1
Kangaroo 4Bux.png 24Bux.png 1 7
Supergopher 3Bux.png 14Bux.png 1 4
Anan 4Bux.png 21Bux.png 1 6
Hot Air Balloon Global Event Global Event 1 N/A
Bobcat Global Event Global Event 1 N/A
P-40 Warhawk Global Event Global Event 1 N/A
Blimp Global Event Global Event 1 N/A
Huey Global Event Global Event 1 N/A
Sea Knight Global Event Global Event 1 N/A
X10 Mapple Pro 6Bux.png 31Bux.png 1 8
Kringle Kruiser Global Event Global Event 1 N/A
Noki B6 3Bux.png 16Bux.png 1 30
Birchcraft 7Bux.png 40Bux.png 2 10
Equinox 7Bux.png 38Bux.png 2 12
Pearjet 14Bux.png 79Bux.png 2 14
Aeroeagle 13Bux.png 78Bux.png 2 16
UAV-C 10Bux.png 57Bux.png 2 30
Fogbuster 30Bux.png 175Bux.png 3 20
Concorde Global Event Global Event 3 N/A
Tetra 32Bux.png 187Bux.png 3 24
C-130 Hercules Global Event Global Event 3 N/A
Sequoia 24Bux.png 141Bux.png 3 22
Cyclone 44Bux.png 176Bux.png 3 26
Cloudliner 73Bux.png 435Bux.png 3 28
Starship Global Event Global Event 3 N/A

Obtaining Planes

Planes can be obtained in several ways. You can complete certain global events that reward planes, you can buy the plane whole in the market tab, or you can craft planes from parts. Buying planes whole is usually about 20% more expensive when compared to building a plane from parts.


You can purchase plane parts in the market, find them when opening a new airport, win parts in global events, or send parts between friends.

Crafting an airplane requires three parts - a body, controls, and an engine. In the market, parts which match those you already have are highlighted in green text as opposed to white, making it easier to find parts to complete a plane. All of the parts you own are listed in the Parts menu, which also allows you to construct a plane via the build tab when you have the correct parts.

Plane slots

You can only buy/build a new plane if you have a Plane Slot available. The absolute maximum amount of plane slots a player can have is 100, as the price of the 101st slot will exceed the maximum integer value of coins the game can hold. If the player attempts to save up enough to buy said slot, their coin balance will reset to 0 after it exceeds 2,147,483,647 as that is the maximum value supported by the game. The cost for each Plane Slot is calculated by the formula , where n = the slot number.

Plane Slot Cost Plane Slot Cost Plane Slot Cost
1 Free 11 68525 21 2106525
2 Free 12 111900 22 2643900
3 Free 13 174525 23 3278525
4 Free 14 261500 24 4021500
5 2525 15 378525 25 4884525
6 3900 16 531900 26 5879900
7 6525 17 728525 27 7020525
8 11900 18 975900 28 8319900
9 22125 19 1282125 29 9792125
10 39900 20 1655900 30 11451900

Planes Gallery

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