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Cloudliner Series
P - C - M
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Level Unlocked 28
Class 3
Capacity (P/C) 17
Capacity (M) 12 P, 5 C
Range (miles) 3,110
Speed (mph) 320
Weight (tons) 17.0

The Cloudliner is the largest plane in the game. It is unlocked upon reaching level 28. The P and C versions have 17 slots for passengers or cargo, respectively, while the M version has 12 passenger seats and 5 cargo slots. Since the Cloudliner has 17 slots, a C/P can take hours to fill up. When filled up however, you can earn more than any aircraft in the game. From L.A. to Tokyo, it earns 15,000-20,000 Coin.png in 1 hr 12 m.


Cloudliners are the most expensive planes at 73 Bux.png for each part. Save up tons of bux to purchase Cloudliners when you are near Level 28. If you have the time and patience, you could save up roughly 500 Bux. This is so you can buy Cloudliners in P/C Pairs instead of the M variety due to imbalance:

If you buy one M:

12 P/ 5 C (7 difference)

If you buy two Ms:

24 P/10 C (14 difference)

If you buy 20 Ms:

240 P/ 100 C (140 difference) Wow!


The Cloudliner appears to be based on the iconic Boeing 747. Known as the 'Queen of the Skies,' the 747 was the largest plane for 40 years and was famous for having two decks. The Boeing 747 is also the official presidential aircraft for the United States of America, called "Air Force One." However, "Air Force One" differs from the standard 747, being fitted with advanced safety systems and threat detection, but these modifications are unspecified (due to security purposes).


Parts: 73 Bux.png per part

To Build: 73 Bux.png each, 292 Bux.png total

To Buy: 435 Bux.png

To Upgrade: 73 Bux.png per upgrade (total of 9 upgrades available)

To Fully Upgrade: 657 Bux.png


Type Base Level 1 Level 2 Level 3


3,110 3,266 3,421 3,577


320 336 352 368


17.0 16.15 15.3 14.45