Cyclone Series
P - C - M
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Level Unlocked 26
Class 3
Capacity (P/C) 12
Capacity (M) 6 P, 6 C
Range (miles) 2,820
Speed (mph) 295
Weight (tons) 12.0

The Cyclone is a large jet plane unlocked at level 26 that has 12 slots for cargo/passengers. The M is balanced version, containing 6 passengers and 6 cargo. The Cyclone is not as bad as people think it is. The cyclone doesn't make much flying to random destinations. In order to make decent profits, it needs to fly with a 25% bonus. Fully loaded, it can earn a higher profit than a Sequoia on certain routes like L.A. to Tokyo (15230<16100).

It has the appearance of a Fogbuster but with four engines and an extended fuselage.


Parts: 44 Bux per part

To Build: 44 Bux to build = 176 Bux total

To Buy: 262 Bux

To Upgrade: 44 Bux per upgrade (total of 9 upgrades available)


Type Base Level 1 Level 2 Level 3


2,820 2,961 3,102 3,243


295 310 325 339


12.0 11.4 10.8 10.2
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