Events are occurrences or instances of importance that are happening in different cities around the world.

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Global Events

Global Events usually occur in everybody's game at the same time. To participate in these events, you must have a Game Center account, good wifi, and send a job to the event location. These jobs will be visible after buying the airport where the event is located. The jobs will be easy to find as they have a special icon and they are highlighted in blue.

Participating in these events increases their participation counter and makes the player eligible to win a prize. You must send at least 50 jobs to receive a prize. The more jobs you send, the better your prize is, so it is strategic to team up with others in the Flight Crew menu.

Global events usually are for 3 days and 12 hours, but not always If there is a delay.

Local Events

All of the other events in the Events tab are only happening to the player. They do not interact with other players and they do not count towards the Flight Crew Event participation counter. Each regular event always ends at 6pm or 6am.

Regular Events

Regular Events are multiple events that happen at the same time, such as competitions, conventions, parties, tournaments, and festivals. In total, there are 44 possible Regular Events. Regular Events are listed in white in the events menu. Sending jobs to these events will start a count in the check mark tab. In that tab you can see events you have participated in and your progress in the event. Each event has 1000 jobs that needs to be sent.

Until v1.0.3, there was no prize for completing regular events, which made them undesirable to complete. However, in v1.0.4, regular events now give a 15 bux prize when completed.

After the event is over, it is possible that the same event will happen again, but in a different location. Even though it is in a different location, it is still counted in your progress.


See also: Weather

There is a randomized chance that a storm or other disaster will occur, temporarily closing an airport. When the airport is closed, the player cannot send planes to fly to or from the closed airport. They cannot open an airport when it is closed, however, the player can take planes stuck at the airport out of it and place them in the hangar.

Some reasons an airport can close:

  • Image depicting a lightning strike during a Thunderstorm.

    Thunderstorm (sometimes)
  • Tropical Storm (sometimes)
  • Snow Storm (sometimes)
  • Computer Failure (always)
  • Fog (sometimes)

Another Weather event that does not cause closure:

  • Rain

List of Events

Regular Events

Event Name Prize
Game Convention 15 Bux.png
Pirate Party 15 Bux.png

Elvis Convention

15 Bux.png
Prison Break 15 Bux.png
Lumber Games 15 Bux.png
Rodeo 15 Bux.png
Chemical Spill 15 Bux.png
Fire 15 Bux.png
Tourist Boom 15 Bux.png
Mass Wedding 15 Bux.png
Film Shoot 15 Bux.png
Military Exercise 15 Bux.png
Rare Auction 15 Bux.png
Money Transport 15 Bux.png
Chef Competition 15 Bux.png
Music Festival 15 Bux.png
Mime Festival 15 Bux.png
Museum Opening 15 Bux.png
Costume Party 15 Bux.png
Space Camp 15 Bux.png
Science Fare 15 Bux.png
Golf Tournament 15 Bux.png
Football Finals 15 Bux.png
Magic Competition 15 Bux.png
Fight Championship 15 Bux.png
Construction Project 15 Bux.png
Embassy Dinner 15 Bux.png
Medical Conference 15 Bux.png
Dino Theme Park 15 Bux.png
Shipping Out 15 Bux.png
Archaeological Dig 15 Bux.png
Dive Trip 15 Bux.png
Biz Meeting 15 Bux.png
Gold Rush 15 Bux.png
Chick-Con 15 Bux.png
Renaissance Faire 15 Bux.png
College Party 15 Bux.png
Pumpkinfest 15 Bux.png
Sci-Fi Convention 15 Bux.png
Ballooning Festival 15 Bux.png
Air Show 15 Bux.png
Air Museum Opening 15 Bux.png
Concorde Ceremony 15 Bux.png
Search and Rescue 15 Bux.png

Other Events

Event Name Result
Snow Storm Closure/Nothing
Tropical Storm Closure/Nothing
Thunderstorm Closure/Nothing
Rain Closure/Nothing
Computer Failure Closure


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