Get Bux

The Get Bux tab is the place where you can buy Bux(Bux) with real money. The Purchase Bux tab can be accessed by pressing the green menu button in the lower right corner.

Buying Bux

There are four different options to buy your Bux: two regular blue packages, a silver package, and a gold package. Each package gets more expensive as you buy more Bux, but the cost of an individual Bux goes down. The table below shows the cost of each packet in both USD and GBP, and the cost per Bux for each package, as shown in the two pictures from the in-game menu.

Number of Bux Cost in GBP GBP cost per Bux Cost in USD USD cost per Bux
20 Bux £0.69 3.45p $0.99 4.95¢
200 Bux £2.99 1.50p $4.99 2.50¢
1,000 Bux £13.99 1.40p $19.99 2.00¢
5,000 Bux £27.99 0.56p $39.99 0.80¢

Getting Bux in game

Bux can be easily gained without using real money. Every time you level up, the game gives you 3 Bux. When viewing a flying plane, Bux will fly by similar to the +1 coin and +10 coin, though not as frequently. Lastly, special cargo and people will pay for their travels in Bux instead of coins. Send them to their destination to receive the Bux as payment.

You cannot return a plane or plane parts for Bux, you can only receive Coin.