Here you can buy new planes and plane parts that can be crafted into complete planes.

Within the market at any one time, there will be a selection of items, from fewer than 15 items to more than 45 items. Items in the Market can be purchased using Bux. Airplane parts that are purchased in the Market will then appear in the Parts section. In order to purchase an entire airplane from the Market, you must first have an open plane slot. If you do not have an open plane slot, you can purchase (using coins) while purchasing an entire plane (using Bux) at the same time.

Airplane parts in the menu will appear green if they will help you build an airplane from parts you already have in the Parts section of the menu.

The Market refreshes with new items approximately every 12 minutes. You can not use Bux to auto-refresh the market, unlike Jobs.

It is always more cost effective to buy the parts to a plane, instead of buying one outright.


Birchcrafts and Mohawks being sold in the market

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