Passengers are one of the two things that can be delivered as jobs in Pocket Planes. The other thing you can deliver is Cargo. In Pocket Planes, there are two different types of Passengers: Normal Passengers and Rare Passengers.

Normal Passengers

Normal Passengers are the more common type of Passengers that you can deliver in the game. Each Passenger is given a generic name and randomly generated image. For delivering Normal Passengers, you receive coins based on how far apart the origin and the destination of the Passenger is. Below are average Normal Passengers.


Rare Passengers

Rare Passengers (also known as VIP's) are much more rare than Normal Passengers. Unlike Rare Cargo, Rare Passengers are assigned randomly generated names and images. Instead of having clothing like Normal Passengers, Rare Passengers are assigned to wear a costume. For delivering Rare Passengers, you are rewarded with Bux, determined by how far apart the origin and destination of the Rare Passenger is. Rare passengers are slightly more common in higher class cities. Below are some average Rare Passengers.