The Pearjet is a twin engine jet aircraft, being unlocked at level 14. It is a Class 2 Plane. It is based on the Learjet 45, a popular business aircraft. The plane has 5 slots for passengers/cargo and for the mixed plane, it has slots for 3 passengers and 2 cargo. It can profit a lot, despite what others say, but it profits less than an Aeroeagle . Recommended for global events stationed on class 3 airports, as it is quick, giving more time to do more jobs. A good strategy is to buy Pearjets in P/C pairs, so you can make profit on both passengers and cargo.

It is based on the Learjet 45, the name a clear reference.

A consequence of the high speed is that if you deliver jobs to different airports in one flight, it can lose profit easily. Also, bux jobs on the Pearjet will greatly decrease profit, which is another disadvantage.


  • Parts: 14 Bux per part
  • To Build: 14 Bux to build = 56 Bux total
  • To Buy: 79 Bux to buy
  • To Upgrade: 14 Bux per upgrade


Type Base Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Range (Miles) 1,947 2,044 2,142 2,239
Speed (Mph) 272 286 299 312
Weight (Tons) 5 4.8 4.5 4.2


  • The Pearjet is based off the Learjet 45.
  • It is one of 2 planes with 5 slots, the other one being the Sea Knight.
  • It is the first plane in the game that is capable of going across the North Atlantic Ocean (airvans and up can make trips Monrovia-Recife).
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