The Kringle Kruiser
More info
Class 1
Capacity (M) 0 P, 3 C
Range (miles) 1,500
Speed (mph) 200
Weight (tons) 2.9

The Kringle Kruiser is a plane based on Santa's Sleigh, and is used as a Global Event prize around December. It is currently the only aircraft that cannot be customised with paint (other than plane's interiors), only being red, gold, and green.

Despite the Kringle Kruiser's low capacity of only 3 cargo, it is still the fastest class 1 plane in the game tied with the P-40 Warhawk. Not only is it fast, but it boasts the best range for a class 1 aircraft as well. This allows for quick deliveries to distant places like Easter Island, and it can even allow for direct flights from Goose Bay to Belfast, completely skipping any refueling at Nuuk or Reykjavik.

This plane can only be attained through global events, which usually occur only twice per year, in a back to back cycle over December 25.


Parts: 6 Bux per part

To Build: 6 Bux= 6 Bux

To Buy: ? Bux

To Upgrade: 6 Bux per upgrade (total of 9 upgrades available)

To Fully Upgrade: 24 Bux

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