• Tokyo at daytime
  • Tokyo at night

Tokyo is a city in Japan, in Asia. It has a population of 10 Million people and it is a Class 3 Airport. Being a Class 3 Airport, planes of any class can land here.

Fact From Pocket Planes:

"Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and the largest city in the world. Tokyo is routinely destroyed by giant monsters such as Godzilla.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
20 40 60
Buy Cost Upgrade Cost
51,000 102,000 153,000
Closing Value
25,500 76,500 153,000

Global Events:

Event Number Event Name Location Event Open Event Close Minimum Jobs #1 Prize Top 10 Prize Top 100 Prize Under 100 Prize
31 Robot Uprising Tokyo Noon, 26 September 2012 Midnight, 30 September 2012 50 Sea Knight part + 20 Bux Navigator-M + Sea Knight part Sea Knight part + 10 Bux Sea Knight part
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