X10 Mapple Pro
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Level Unlocked 8
Class 1
Capacity (M) 2 P, 2 C
Range (miles) 1,050
Speed (mph) 180
Weight (tons) 4.0

The X10 Mapple Pro, in update 1.2.0, is available on iOS as of 2/18/15. As you can now purchase it on an iOS since the discontinuation of Pocket Planes on Mac, it is no longer classified as a rare aircraft. The X10 is essentially an extended Mohawk. If you compare them side by side, the only difference is the length, the nose and tail shape, and stats.

The X10 is the best buyable class 1 plane in the market, with a capacity of 4. It also has a good speed and good range. This means it is also one of the most versatile aircraft in the game, with great stats and the ability to land at any airport due to it being a class 1 aircraft.

It takes the appearance of the real world Cessna 441 Conquest.


Parts: 6 Bux per part

To Build: 6 Bux= 24 Bux

To Buy: 31 Bux

To Upgrade: 6 Bux per upgrade (total of 9 upgrades available)


The X10 is one of the few aircraft that do not have a passenger or cargo variant, only being mixed (like the C-130 Hercules) If you look closely at the nose, you will see a smiley face so if you paint the plane 'baby blue' - 'charcoal' - 'powder blue' you will make it look like The Finder in Mac OS X.

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